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There are two steps to complete before you can apply for one of our homes:

  1. You must be on the housing register and be registered for Bucks Home Choice. Once your application has been processed, you’ll receive confirmation that you’re able to bid on homes advertised on Bucks Home Choice.

    Register for Bucks Home Choice.

  2. You must register with Twenty11. We will only consider your bids on our homes once you have registered with us.

First of all, you need to set up your Twenty11 account – please keep your login details safe as you’ll need these to log back in and complete the process.

During the first stage, you’ll watch a few short videos about Twenty11 and what we offer so that you can decide if you’d like to be one of our tenants. To ensure you understand our offer, we’ll also ask you a few questions in the form of a short questionnaire. Once you’ve successfully completed the questionnaire, your bids on our homes will be considered.

We’ll ask you to upload some documents. This is to confirm the identity of everyone in your household and to assess your household income. This will help us to check if you qualify for one of our homes and will enable us to calculate the rent we’ll charge you if you’re offered one of our homes.

We’ll also carry out a few checks to make sure that all the information is correct – this could include contacting previous landlords and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). With your consent we’ll also carry out a credit check on all adult household members. This is to help us ensure the information provided is true and accurate, and that any home you are offered is truly affordable.

During this process, you will be contacted by our Pre-Tenancy Specialist, who will help you understand our offer. They will also carry out an Income and Expenditure Assessment to ensure the rent is affordable. If you progress through this stage successfully, you will then be invited to view the home.

If you’re a tenant of Red Kite Community Housing you are not able to apply for our homes (unless you are in temporary accommodation). This is to protect the rights that you have with your current tenancy.

Yes, you can, however it’s important that you understand that our tenancies are not the same as other housing associations and different rights and obligations apply.

Your rights will not transfer with you if you move into one of our homes. We recommend that you seek independent advice if you currently live in a housing association home and wish to move to Twenty11. If you would like to become a Twenty11 tenant then you will need to complete our registration process.

At the moment our homes are initially advertised on Bucks Home Choice. Because of the way that Bucks Home Choice works, bidding is only open to homeseekers in the first instance. If we've not found a tenant for the home, we'll message all our applicants who are ready to bid and need a home of that size, to see if they're interested.

During the verification process you’ll need to share with us information about your household income. We’ll use this to calculate a rent that is affordable for your household. The rent will then stay the same for the duration of your tenancy unless your circumstances change significantly - for example, your household changes or you experience something life-changing.

Your rent will be reviewed at the start of every tenancy term you have with us. This means you’ll have to provide us with up-to-date information when we request it.

For an indication of how much rent you might be charged, you can use our rent calculator.

Within our group structure we have an ambitious development programme, which will see us deliver high-quality homes, meaning we can offer customers a range of products. Some of these will be available with our flexible rents and will be advertised through Bucks Home Choice – you will need to be fully verified to bid on these when they become available. Some of our new homes will be available for market rent.

Look at some of our exciting Twenty11 developments.

We don’t currently offer shared ownership homes, but we do offer homes for market rent. See our market rent page for more information.

If you experience a problem with a neighbour, and the problem isn’t serious, we’ll always recommend trying to have a chat with your neighbour. They may not know that they’ve caused a problem and things could be resolved quickly.

If this isn’t possible, you can report antisocial behaviour (ASB) to us, and we’ll help support you.

If you’re a tenant, you can do this through the portal by logging on and tapping/clicking on ‘Anti-social Behaviour Cases’ and then ‘Report ASB’.

If you’re not one of our tenants but want to complain about one of our tenants, you can email

You can find out more about how we can support you if you’re experiencing antisocial behaviour on our ASB page.

Yes, if you are experiencing domestic abuse you don’t have to go through it alone, we’re here to help you.

There are lots of things we can do including looking at home security improvements, as well as offering basic housing advice. We can also signpost you to support groups or other specialist agencies who can arrange for emergency accommodation.

We’ll handle all information confidentially and sensitively, and agree a communication plan with you, so we only speak when it’s safe to do so.

You can find out more about how we can help you here.

We love to hear from all our customers about how we’re doing, whether it’s a compliment or something that hasn’t gone well. Please contact our Feedback Team.

You can message us through your portal and let us know your feedback, or if you’re not a tenant, email us at

It’s really important to us to hear and respond to your views.

For further information, see our feedback page.

Twenty11 is a digital first company – this means that you can contact us in the following ways:

  • Through your portal (if you’re a tenant)
  • By emailing
  • Through direct message on our social media channels.

If you're a Twenty11 tenant, your tenancy is managed through the portal.

We know that some people will want to strengthen their digital skills, which we know can be super useful for other things too, and we can help support this.

If you want help with your digital skills, drop us a quick message through the portal (if you’re a tenant) or email to

That’s fantastic! We’re always excited to work with new partners. Please email and someone will be in touch.

That’s great news. If you live in one of our homes and are over 18, we’d love to work with you on your Personal Success Plan.

If you’re a tenant, please drop us a line through the portal. If you live in one of our homes, but are not a tenant, please email and let us know that you want to talk about your Personal Success Plan. We’ll then schedule your first session with one of the team. How exciting!

Our Realising Potential Specialists work with our residents to help them achieve their potential. Through one-to-one sessions, they can help you identify your goals and the steps to get there, developing a Personal Success Plan.

They can help to:

  • Focus on what you want to achieve
  • Provide you with coaching and support
  • Help connect you to our network of partners to help you achieve a number of things such as:
    • securing work experience placements
    • finding volunteering or community involvement opportunities
    • helping with CVs or applications
    • preparing for job interviews
    • supporting your wellbeing.

Read more about the Realising Potential Specialists.

It’s great that you have your Personal Success Plan in place, and you sound really committed. Our Realising Potential Specialists will be able to work with you to see if you’d qualify for support through our Aspiration Pot. This is a pot of money we set aside each year to provide that extra helping hand to achieve your goals.

Find out about the Aspiration Pot and how to apply.

It’s great that you’re keen to volunteer! We have lots of ways you can get involved depending on your interests and availability. Just drop us a portal message, or email

You can pay your rent online through the allpay website. You'll always find a link to the allpay website on the top of our home page.

Yes, please get in touch with us via the tenant portal as soon as possible. We’ll be able to work with you to understand how we can help you, including budgeting, checking what benefits you may be entitled to, as well as other financial guidance and help through our network of partners.

In exceptional circumstances, we may be able to offer a short-term discount, so do let us know if you’re having difficulties.

For more information, visit our rent and benefits page.

We'll work with all our tenants who experience difficulties. It's important that you get in touch with us and agree with a member of the team how you'll manage your account and any arrears. We can work with you on any payment plans, and we can advise you of any benefits you may be entitled to.

If you do not maintain your rent payments you will receive negative points on your Tenancy Sustainment Licence, so it’s really important that you contact us as soon as possible so we can help you.

If your starter tenancy is coming to an end and you’re in arrears, we may consider extending your starter tenancy and we’ll discuss this with you.

If you're struggling to pay rent, please see our dedicted rent and benefits page.

All repairs should be reported through the portal. Once you’ve logged in, tap/click on ‘My Repairs’ and then ‘Report a Repair’.

If you’re not a tenant and you want to report a repair to one of our homes, please email

When you report a repair, it’s helpful if you can take photos or a video of what needs fixing. This will help us diagnose the repair quickly (and this will help contribute to the digital engagement points on your Tenancy Sustainment Licence).

This will depend on the type of repair requested. If you have an emergency repair, we’ll complete the work within 24 hours. If you have an urgent repair (non-emergency), we’ll attend within five working days. However, a routine repair will take up to 20 days.

When you log a repair with us, we’ll let you know how long it’s likely to take.

In an emergency we can take telephone calls. However, if your call is not about an emergency you will be redirected to one of our online digital channels.

An emergency repair would be one that is an urgent health and safety issue, such as an uncontrollable leak.

The number you should call is 01494 700011.

If you want to make some changes to your home, it’s important you check your tenancy agreement which has a section on this.

If you have a starter tenancy you cannot make any alterations, additions or improvements to your home, the building, and/or the estate

If you have a fixed-term tenancy, you may be able to make changes depending on what you’d like to do. Whatever your project, you’ll need to get our permission first. Please apply for permission and give us as much information as possible. We’ll come back to you to let you know if you can go ahead, and whether you’ll need to stick to any specific conditions.

If you make a change to your home without our permission, you will be in breach of your tenancy agreement, and we may ask you to remove it at your own cost. If we grant permission, don’t forget to fill in the Permitted Works Declaration within 14 days of completion of the project.

New build homes

The lofts in new build houses are often not load bearing. Use is therefore prohibited.


Twenty11 let the demise of the flat i.e., everything within the four walls. The loft space is part of the communal areas of the building and can contain communal services such as tanks, pipes, and wires. Use of a communal loft space is therefore prohibited.

Single dwelling

We recommend that you do not use your loft as this space is not covered within your tenancy agreement. We accept no liability if you use the loft space in your home and cause damage to any services such as electric cables, water pipes, insulation, or your ceilings. We also accept no liability for any damage that may be caused to personal items. If you wish to use the space, you should ensure you have the appropriate contents insurance cover to protect your belongings.

The cost of any damage caused by your possessions or presence in the loft may be recharged to you.

Taking on a pet is a big responsibility. If you’re considering getting one, it’s worth understanding what it will involve. You can find out more on the RSPCA website, where they have information about common pets and how to care for them.

If you’d like to have a pet in your home, you’ll need to complete an application form.

We’ll take into consideration a number of things, including whether your home is suitable for the pet you want to have. Please don’t get your pet until we’ve granted permission.

If we give you permission, we’ll let you know about your responsibilities in relation to your tenancy agreement. You can find out more about this in our Pet Policy.

You will need permission from us to install CCTV in your home - please complete our CCTV permission request form.

If you want to have an EV charging point installed, you’ll need to ask for our permission before the installation takes place - please complete our permission request form. We're committed to supporting our tenants to reduce their carbon emissions and make their homes more sustainable, so we’ll grant permission whenever we can.

Whenever we add negative points to your Tenancy Sustainment Licence, we’ll let you know why we’ve added them, and how many points.

If you don’t agree with our decision, please get in touch so we can discuss this with you. Hopefully we can resolve it quickly and informally with you.

However, if the Tenancy Sustainment Licence award is –15 or more and you don’t agree with our decision - for example, if you don’t think we’ve been fair, reasonable or acted within our policies - you may be able to appeal our decision.

Read our appeals process

It's a bit like a driving licence and it’s how we record how you’re doing in keeping to the terms of your tenancy, as well as your impact in the community.

During your tenancy we’ll award you points on your Tenancy Sustainment Licence – and these could be both positive and negative (though we hope just positive). The positive awards include things like paying your rent on time, keeping in touch with us digitally, and working with our Realising Potential Specialists. However, if you commit any breaches of your tenancy such as antisocial behaviour or not paying your rent, you’ll receive negative points.

We consider your Tenancy Sustainment Licence when we review your tenancy as it is coming to an end. If you keep to the terms of your tenancy agreement, we’ll normally look to automatically renew your tenancy. However, if you have negative awards on your licence this may mean we will not renew your tenancy, and in some cases may look to end your tenancy early.

Find out more about the Tenancy Sustainment Licence.

If you hold a sole tenancy, then it can't be changed to a joint one during the term of the tenancy. However, when your tenancy is up for renewal please let us know if you wish to have a joint tenancy and we can consider this as part of our review.

In exceptional circumstances, we may allow a joint tenancy to become a sole tenancy. This can be done by a court order made, for example, during divorce proceedings. Please contact us for advice on this, either through the portal or by emailing

If you want to move because your housing need has changed, for example, if you’ve had more children, you should register with Bucks Home Choice. If your tenancy is coming up for renewal please let us know about your changed needs, so that when we look at your renewal we can consider your personal circumstances.

Twenty11 tenants don’t have a right to a mutual exchange (this is when you swap your home with someone else), as this is a right only open to tenants of local authorities or housing associations that are registered providers.

If you’ve kept to the terms of your tenancy agreement, we will look to offer you a tenancy renewal. We’ll consider a number of things at the time, including your current household circumstances, and let you know the tenancy and rent we will offer you.

If you have not kept to the terms of your tenancy agreement, your tenancy may not be renewed.

We’ll be in touch with you three months before your current tenancy is due to end to start our review.

If you want to end your tenancy, you’ll need to check your tenancy agreement, as the legal position is different depending on whether you have a starter (periodic) tenancy or a fixed-term tenancy. A starter tenant will need to give us at least four weeks’ notice in writing. For a fixed-term tenant, you must give us at least four weeks’ notice if you wish to surrender before the end of the tenancy term, which will need to be accepted in writing by us, and there is also provision for a break notice for this type of tenancy. Whatever type of tenancy you have, if you’re thinking of leaving your home, we advise you to get independent advice (for example, from Citizens Advice) about handing in your notice and the implications of this. For example, if you voluntarily give up your home, this may affect any future housing application you may make via Bucks Home Choice. We’ll need a forwarding address from you if you hand in your notice, and if you leave before the tenancy ends you’ll still be responsible for the rent until the end of the tenancy.