COVID-19 Secure

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What does this mean?

COVID-19 Secure confirms that our contractors and partners have put in place increased safety measures which respond to the coronavirus.

In this new environment a review of all working practices has had to be undertaken to ensure all comply with current government and Public Health England guidance.

Personal protective equipment

We've developed a robust set of requirements for the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE). The standards adopted are higher than required by current government guidance, as we want to ensure increased levels of protection for our customers, contractors and staff.

COVID-19 Secure assessment

Our COVID-19 Secure assessment process ensures that our contractors have the correct measures in place to be classed as COVID-19 Secure.

We will check that;

  • Health and Safety Plans for specific programmes works have been reviewed and updated to meet current guidance.
  • Higher standards of PPE are in place.

All contractor processes have been adjusted to meet government requirements particularly;

  • Working safely during COVID-19 in construction and other outdoor work
  • Working in ‘other people’s homes’
  • As well as all other relevant Health and safety Executive and Public Health England guidance
  • All staff have been briefed and instructed on approved new ways of working and are trained regularly on
  • COVID-19 specific procedures
  • Monitoring systems are in place to regularly check compliance with COVID-19 procedures
  • Risk assessments and method statements are reviewed regularly by senior health and safety managers to meet COVID-19 Secure requirements set out in updated and changing guidance
  • Emergency COVID-19 procedures are in place for dealing with staff that fall ill.

Surfaces touched in homes and communal areas are cleaned these include;

  • Handrails
  • Door enter system and lift control panel
  • Door handles and push plates
  • Toilet flush and seats
  • Taps and washing facilities.

Detailed instructions provided to all staff include;

  • Self screening and good personal hygiene
  • Social distancing
  • Travel arrangements
  • Limiting resources on site to minimal but safe levels
  • Arranging works to have the same persons in the home throughout the works, where possible
  • Procedures for managing deliveries
  • Provision for additional hand washing/sanitisation
  • Designing procedures to minimise the foot traffic through internal communal areas.
  • Clear communications systems in place for employees to raise health concerns quickly.
  • Specific processes to deal with customer vulnerability and groups at higher risk.

How do we check everyone is doing what they need to?

We have monitoring and auditing systems in place to check that our requirements are being undertaken.

Please contact us to report any concerns or good practice so we can improve our systems and processes.